Oxford Diecast 1/76 76S143001 Scania 143 40ft Curtainside Pollock

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The Swedish company Scania have been building and delivering trucks and buses to the transport industry since 1891. Today it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and coaches, where it is a favourite choice of transport organisations and drivers alike. The Scania marque has proved equally popular with model collectors over the years, so we are particularly pleased to unveil our newly tooled Scania R143M, which fills another gap in the Oxford truck line-up. Its first livery is in the colours of another prestigious trucking name  Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd. Registered N888 PSL, our truck replicates a vehicle dating from 1995 and is decorated in the signature red, pale blue and white Pollock colours of the day, while the trailer roof and rear doors are in a matt silver colour. The detailed printing elements extend across the back of both the tractor and trailer units. The cab, painted in red and pale blue with the gold Pollock graphics on both sides, also has a white roof. The white wind deflector carries the Pollock name, this time in white out of a blue block. Finishing touches include finely detailed curtainside straps, black battery box, air horns, a sun visor upon which is written Simply the Best, and black roof hatch windows.
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