Oxford Diecast 1/43 RD001 1929 Daimler King George V Sandringham

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RD001 1929 Royal Daimler Brougham V-30 HP Double Six Engine - King George V (Sandringham) This latest piece of new tooling in the Oxford Automobile Company range of 1:43 scale cars is the magnificient detailed Royal Daimler purchased by King George V and delivered in August 1929. It was for his personal use and only two were made - the second was for his wife Queen Mary and will be the subject of another Oxford release a little later on. The Royal choice of transport for over 50 years, the Daimler was instantly recognisable from the fluted radiator and three-piece alligator hood to the slatted wooden shield over the fuel tank. In the 1920s, handbrakes pushed on, starter buttons were concealed under carpets and the sleeve-valve motors offered silence - at the price of heavy oil consumption and smoky exhausts. The car had Hooper coachwork, body number 7209; chassis 30671. This type is referred to as a Brougham. Painted in the Royal colours of black and maroon, the car also carried the appropriate heraldic decoration. Inside, there was no occasional seating. The rear compartment was trimmed with blue Vaumol leather. The interior woodwork was dark polished mahogany and the fittings were of silver and white ivory. The Royal 'identification' lamp was fitted on the canopy. The quarter - sectioned windscreen had wipers working from the top. The Oxford Diecast replica carries a considerable number of these magnificient features both on the outside and the interior. The dashboard features a black instrument panel with white dials. The handbrake, gear stick and steering wheel only await the chauffeur! The seating and side panels replicate the blue 'studded leather' of the original and there is blue 'carpet' on the floor. Even the interior door handles are given a chrome finish. Decorated in the maroon and black of the Royal original, the crowning glory has to be the mascot on the bonnet depicting Britannia sitting on the Globe - not our magazine, we should add! And the Royal Standard features proudly above the front windscreen. And if you are wondering where the original is now - after Royal service, the Brougham was returned to the Daimler factory. It was presented to HM the Queen in 1968 and underwent a considerable amount of restoration work. It is now housed in the Sandringham Museum.
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