Oxford Diecast 1/43 ANG035 Ford Anglia Van Kodak

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In 1888 the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co. of Rochester, New York, introduced the Kodak. The word Kodak was made up by George Eastman as a trade mark, it soon became synonymous with this type of camera. Later the company changed its name to Eastman Kodak due to the success of the new camera.
Although the Kodak was not the first roll-film camera its immense popularity was due to the full developing and printing service that went with it. The Kodak was 6 ½ inches long and came ready loaded with film and was tied and sealed to show that it was fresh from the factory. When one hundred pictures had been taken the camera was returned to Kodak who processed the pictures. You pulled the cord to set the shutter and pressed the button to release it. A viewfinder was not regarded as necessary. It used paper rolls to start with, but by 1889 Eastman introduced celluloid roll-film. The Kodak made photography accessible to the general public for the first time.
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