Orangehobby N07012-220 South Korean Navy LPH-6111 Dokdo Assault Ship Kit 1/700

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The 'Dokdo' class is the latest through deck amphibious assault ship equipped for the South Korean Navy. The ship is 199 metres long, 31 metres wide with a 14000 ton (empty) dis[placement. Maximum speed is 23 knots with a diesel power plant,

'Dokdo' which is the leading and name ship of the 'Dokdo' class was commissioned in 2007. In addition to participating in several US/South Korean joint excercises  the vessel took part in the search, rescue and salvage operationsfor ROKS' Cheonan sinking.

The ship is equipped with close in weapons systems including an RIM-199 system on top of the bridge and two Goalkeepers. Her deck compartment can accomadate large Landing Craft and various armour vehicles amphibious landings or transportation.

UH-60, UH-1 and Lynx helicopters can be operated. Future operatons will include new 'Surion' helicopters and F35V/STOL fixed wing fighters.
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