Navis Neptun 119AN HMS Agincourt the 1917 Big Battleship Waterline Model 1/1250

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The 7 main armament turrets was the largest number fitted to any battleship and she had been designed for the Brazillian Navy to use the same shells as their Minas Gerais class battleships. When it became clear that Brazil could no longer afford a third battleship, she was sold to Turkey on the stocks as Sultan Osman 1st. Although the Turkish crew were already in Britain to take over the ship, Armstrongs removed the guns from B-turret and delayed the handover until the marines could occupy the ship and prevent Turkey from using her against Greece & Russia. She was present at Jutland in 1916 where her gunnery officer fired full broadsides to prove that the hull could stand the strain of full broadsides from the awesome firepower.

After WW!, this ship was offered back to Brazil but the offer was declined and she was scrapped in Britain
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