Navis Neptun 117N HMS Canada a large superdreadnought battleship in 1915 1/1250

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HMS Canada was a large battleship building in Britain for Chile called Almirante Lattore. With 10 x 14" guns and 6" secondary guns, she was going to be the most powerful warship in South America. When the Great War broke out, the British Government bought the ship outright and gave her the name HMS Canada. She was a little faster than the other Royal Navy battleships in the Grand Fleet but rather more lightly armoured. She fought throughout WW1 and after the war, the Chileans bought her back for much less than the original price and gave her her old name back. She survived in Chilean service until the 1950s. One of her old 6" guns is mounted on the monitor M29 in Portsmouth, a gift of the Chilean Navy.
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