Meng WWT-009 World War Toon French Somua S-35 Tank Kit

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The World War Toons game based series plastic model kits presented by MENG and Studio Roqovan have been popular among global modellers. Many people have been attracted by their lovely and cute exteriors. Now, we have another cute armor for you.

The French Somua S-35 medium tank was once deemed as the most outstanding medium tank in the world. Among the tanks in the early years of WWII, the S-35 had excellent maneuverability and protection. Its general performance was better than the German Panzer III tank. After France’s defeat, hundreds of S-35s were captured and used by the Germans.

Weight: 19.5t
Length: 5.38m
Width: 2.12m
Height: 2.62m
Crew: 3
Main gun: 47mm SA35 tank gun
Speed: 40.7km/h
Operational range: 230km

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