Meng 1/35 TS-008 FT-17 French Light Tank WW1/WW2 Plastic Kit

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The model faithfully represents the structure and shape of the real vehicle. Fully replicated interiors are provided and precise details are included. The movable suspension system is molded perfectly, and the weight-bearing parts are sturdy. The cement-free workable track links are easy to assemble. Three weapon options and a precision photo etched fret of detailing items are supplied. Decals for tanks during the period from WWI to WWII are provided together with full instructions.

During the early days of its service, the French FT-17 light tank was fitted with a riveted turret which had some disadvantages, such as complex manufacturing process, poor bullet-proof properties and failure to achieve a full rotation. Later, a new cast turret with riveted and welded construction was developed by Forges et aciéries Paul Girod. The new turret which was manufactured with a simplified process could achieve a full rotation, and it helped improve the tank’s overall performance. The French FT-17 light tank with a cast turret could accommodate a crew of 2. It was armed with an 8mm Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun or a 37mm Puteaux SA18 gun. FT-17s of the French Army were upgraded with 7.5mm Reibel MAC Mle.31 machine gun from 1931 onwards. Those tanks were primarily used in the WWII  Over 4100 FT-17s were built in France, and they were widely used in many countries around the world (27 countries confirmed). In the strict sense, the FT-17 was the first real tank in the world. It played a vital role in the history of tank development.
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