Meng 1/35 SS-012 British Army Mastiff 2 6x6 Wheeled Protected Patrol Vehicle

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Mastiff 2 is a heavily armored, 6 x 6 wheel-drive patrol vehicle that carries eight people, plus two crew. The vehicles are based on the US Cougar made by Force Protection, with the UK integration work carried out by NP Aerospace, based in Coventry. It joined operations in June 2009, succeeding the Mastiff armored patrol vehicle. It is suitable for road patrols and convoys and is the newest in a range of protected patrol vehicles being used for operations. These wheeled patrol vehicles have a less intimidating profile than tracked vehicles and give commanders on the ground in Afghanistan more options to deal with the threats they are facing. The Mastiff 2 is one of the most heavily armored vehicles that are used by the British Armed Forces. It is the latest addition for the British Army, to the wide range of highly effective and protected patrol vehicles that are used for army operations.
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