Meng MNGMP-003 Meng Kids HE-177 Bomber

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The He 177 heavy bomber was born in the late 1930s. It didn’t enter service with the Luftwaffe until 1942 because the German military attached little importance to heavy bombers. It was the only heavy bomber built in large numbers by Germany during World War II.

The He 177A-5 was the last and main production version of the He 177 series, and it’s also the best version. One Daimler DB610 (consisting of two DB605s) engine was fitted under each wing. It was equipped with one manned turret, one remotely controlled turret and armed with 4 machine guns. The He 177A-5 used advanced aviation technologies at that time. It could also carry the Fritz X radio-guided glide bomb to increase hit rate.
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