Mamoli MM01 HMS Bounty Wooden Boat Kit 1/135

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The name of the Bounty became infamous as a result of Captain Bligh's failings and the changes in fortune that caused the crew to mutiny. The ship set out from Spithead in December 1787, final destination Tahiti. On the return voyage, owing to the strict discipline imposed by the captain, which clashed with the idleness of the stay in Tahiti, discontent began to spread through the crew and it soon turned into a mutiny. Christian Fletcher, the boatswain, took command of the ship and forced Bligh to embark on a life-boat with 18 still faithful men. After a dangerous navigation for more than 4000 miles, Bligh reached the isle of Timor and afterwards England. The Bounty went back to Tahiti where part of the crew landed. Then it sailed for the Pitcairn Isle where Fletcher and the remaining men settled.
2 years later HMS Pandora arrived, having been sent to apprehend the mutineers and the group landed in Tahiti were taken prisoner. HMS Pandora in turn ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef with the loss of 31 crew and 4 of the prisoners. The remaining 10 were tried by Court Martial with four acquitted, 3 pardoned and just 3 hanged for mutiny. Heywood, one of the pardoned men, continued a naval career, rising to the rank of Captain.
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