John's Model Shipyard MV201 T2 tanker, a kit to make a standard WW2 tanker 1/1200

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The T2 tankers were based on an American Mobil Oil tanker design and was ordered long before the USA joined the fighting in WW2. The idea was to offer a standard design as part of Roosevelt's New Deal to give America more control over the shipping moving her goods around the world. As soon as war broke out, more of these standard tankers were ordered to serve the needs of the US Navy and American oil companies. Several versions of these ships appeared but the kit is based on the original variant which was a shade over 500ft long and powered by steam turbines for 16.5kt. Later versions were about 526ft long and had less powerful engines.

The larger image shows a made up version in 1941 in overall grey but as yet unarmed and only lightly weathered.
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