Jeti JES350E Electronic Speed Controller 350 ECO

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This product is no longer available.
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BEC Battery Eliminator Circuitry provides the receiver and servos with a 5 volt supply direct from the drive battery eliminating the need for a separate receiver battery.

PCO Power Cut Off system gives a safety margin during the flight. As the drive battery voltage falls, the PCO checks the value and cuts off the motor at a point which leaves sufficient power to operate the receiver and servos for a reasonable period of time. It also provides a small margin of power for emergency motor operation during landing difficulties, for example. Current limiter each controller (except Jes 050) will tolerate 200% of the specified Continuous Current Rating for a period of 0.5 seconds. If this is exceeded, the controller automatically shuts off the power to the motor. This is particularly useful if the propeller is accidentally stopped whilst still at full power, during landings, for example.

TOP Temperature Overload Protection this protects the drive system by cutting out the power if the controller temperature rises to 100�C. n Jumper included to allow the brake system, on all controllers that have this feature, to be disabled.

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