Italeri 2990 USAF F-16 Cockpit Kit 1/12

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he F-16 Fighting Falcon, produced by the American company General Dynamics since the late '70s, is a real icon of the military aviation history. It was originally developed, according the United States Air Force need, to provide a modern and effective single-seat air superiority day fighter. However the project has progressively evolved and created an all-weather multirole aircraft able to have an extraordinary operational flexibility The F-16 is characterized by an original design easily recognizable by the frameless bubble canopy, which guarantees great visibility to the pilot. The F-16 adopted innovative solutions such as the side-mounted control stick, the "fly-by-wire" control system and modern avionics to enhance flight and combat performances. The kit enables you to rebuild the "Cockpit" of the famous "Falcon" which incorporated innovative design features at the time of its introduction to the US and NATO fighter squadrons.
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