ICM 1/35 35715 WWII German Mortar s.Gr.W.34 with Crew

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The s.Gr.W.34 mortar, produced from 1934 to 1945 was in Wermacht service during the war. It was a regular means of fire support of German infantry battalions and allowed to solve combat tasks of ground units successfully. The range of the mortar was adjusted by changing the angle of the barrel and the amount of powder charge on the mine. The ammunition could include fragmentation, smoke, lighting and bouncing bombs. A well-trained mortar crew could fire up to 25 shots per minute. For transportation the mortar the total weight of which was about 60 kg, was disassembled into three parts and transported by the combat crew. Total weight of mortar was about 60 kg. The mines were carried in boxes, three pieces in each.
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