ICM 1/35 35656 FWD Type B WW1 US Army Ammunition Truck Kit

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The American company FWD (Four Wheel Drive Auto Company) was once an innovative enterprise that developed and produced four-wheel-drive vehicles. One of these cars, the 3-ton FWD Type B truck, had a classic hoodless layout with the driver’s position above the engine compartment. The driver was located directly on the hood of the 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 36 hp, the radiator was located in front of the cabin. During World War I, the U.S. Army ordered 15,000 of these vehicles, known as the “Truck, 3-ton, Model 1917.” In fact, over 14,000 units were delivered, with additional orders coming from Great Britain and Russia. At the same time, the U.S. Ordnance Department developed a body model for transporting ammunition, and some FWD Type B vehicles were equipped with similar bodies. These ammunition transporters were used by the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, where they carried artillery shells and various equipment. Additionally, they were involved in towing artillery pieces.
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