ICM 1/35 35616 Prayer Before Battle You are important to God Figure Set

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During the war, appeals to higher powers become crucial, and that’s where representatives of spiritual service, military chaplains, become essential. They perform rites for the fallen, conduct religious services, and uplift the spirits of soldiers before battle, fulfilling their duty to be alongside and support the moral well-being of the troops. In the Second World War, military chaplains were part of the armies of many countries, including the British Armed Forces. The British Army Chaplains Department was established as early as 1796, and starting from February 1919, it was renamed the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department (RAChD). During the Second World War, British military chaplains wholeheartedly carried out their duties on all theaters of war. In the performance of their duties, 96 British chaplains and 38 chaplains of the Commonwealth Army lost their lives.
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