ICM 1/35 35503 s.E.Pkw Kfz.70 with Zwillingssockel 36 WW2 German military vehicle Kit

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s.E.Pkw Kfz.70 was one of the variants of the army vehicle Horch 108 Typ 40. It was originally produced by the German branch of Ford as a multifunctional military off-road vehicle. In the Wehrmacht units, the vehicle performed a wide range of tasks and was used on almost all fronts -from France to Stalingrad and from North Africa to Scandinavia. Some of these off-road vehicles were equipped with the Zwillingssockel 36 anti-aircraft machine gun with two 7.92 mm MG 34 machine guns. As a result, they could be used to engage air targets or act as a fire support vehicle, hitting targets at a range of up to 2000 meters.
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