Hobbyboss 86509 HMS Agamenon 1905 Battleship Kit 1/350

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HMS Agamemnon 1905 on May 15 to start the construction of the shipyard in Bodrum Moore, June 23, 1906 launch, completed in June 1908. Which is the last level pre-dreadnought, but untimely, when it was still in the course of construction, the dreadnought has been launched it.

        After the outbreak of the First World War, HMS Agamemnon was incorporated into the Dardanelles attack fleet. On 19th  February  1915 she was involved in an attack on a fort on shore and was hit by gunfire several counterattacks, but with excellent protection survived without serious damage. In January 1916 she joined the Eastern Mediterranean Fleet. Onter May 5, 1917 the gunners  shot down L85 Zeppelin Flying boat. Again she was used in action against the Soviet Union during  1919, She returned to the Uk and in 1923 was converted into a radio-controlled target ship. 1923, retired in 1926.


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