Hobby Master HH1210 AH-64E Apache Guardian ZV-4808, 125 Helicopter Squadron "Gladiators", Indian Air Force, 2020 1/72

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The AH-64E Apache Guardian was originally designated AH-64D Block III in 2012 but because of its advanced capabilities compared to previous variants it was renamed. Everything about the AH-64E is bigger and better or improved when compared to earlier variants. A large number of improvements are meant to protect the crew from guns up to 27 mm rounds as well as crash resistant seats. Equipped with new sensors, avionics and night operation capabilities the AH-64E also has the ability to control UAVs.

The first Indian Air Force Attack Helicopter Squadron was commissioned on November1, 1983 and named the 125th Helicopter Squadron “Gladiators”. The 125th HS is stationed at Pathankot AFS and equipped with the Apache AH-64E replacing their Mi-35. India had ordered 22 Apaches with the last one arriving in June 2020. In February 2020 they ordered 6 AH-64Es for the Army to be delivered by 2023. There are 2 squadrons of AH-64Es, one at Pathankot and the other at Jorhat AB with both locations receiving 10 AH-64Es and 2 helicopters in reserve.
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