Hobby Master HG4308 Sd. Kfz. 234/3 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen 116 Panzer Division, WWII 1/72

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The 116th Panzer Division was formed on March 28, 1944 was given the name “Greyhound Division”. In July 1944 the 116th was sent to Normandy and for the first few weeks of August the Germans and Allies battled for the area around Mortain in Normandy. This became the largest tank battle of the campaign. Finally the Germans retreated through the Falaise Pocket and when it was all over the 116th PD only had 600 men and 12 tanks. They were re-supplied and fought until April 4, 1945.

Specifications :

Built by: Bussing-NAG

Crew: 4


Engine: air-cooled Tatra 103/12 cylinder/220hp

Fuel Capacity: 360 litres


On road: 900 km

Cross-Country: 600 km

Maximum Speed: 90 km/h


Length: 6.80 m (with gun) Width: 2.40 m Height: 2.28 m

Weight: 11,740 kg


1 X 50 mm KwK 39/1 L/60 (55 rounds)

1 X 7.92 mm MG42 (1050 rounds)

smoke dischargers

Armour: 9 to 30 mm

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