Hobby Master HA8802 Japan A6M2b Zero Fighter Captured P-5016 (c/n 3372, V-172), Chinese Air Force, 1942-1943 1/48

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The A6M entered service in 1940 and became known as the Zero because of the Japanese designation of Type 0 Carrier Fighter. The Zero technology was years ahead of any other fighter and had no problem clearing the skies of opposing aircraft. There were numerous variants of the Zero including the folding wing A6M2 Model 21 designed for carrier operations. The A6M2 was the most produced Japanese aircraft of WWII. As the war went on the Model 21 would be the Zero variant that most Allied pilots would encounter.

On November 26, 1941 two Japanese Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero fighters became disoriented and landed on a beach in China and were captured. One aircraft was badly damaged but V-172 serial 3372, built October 21, 1941 only had minor damage. It was taken away, repaired, painted and marked as P-5016 of the Chinese Air Force. This was the first intact Zero captured by Chinese forces. Later the aircraft was transported to the U.S. and marked with USAAF markings and code EB-2 (later EB-200) on the tail, Zero 3372 and later mysteriously vanished.
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