Hobby Master HA8107 Stearman PT-17 Recall Aircraft 310 1/48

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The Stearman Aircraft Company produced a bi-plane trainer-aircraft called the Model 70. In 1935 the USN ordered the Model 70 with a Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine designated the NS-1. Boeing Aircraft Company bought Stearman and gave the Model 70 a Lycoming R-680-5 radial engine making it a Model 75. In 1936 the U.S. Army Air Corps placed an order for the Model 75 and designated it PT-13. With a Continental R-670-5 engine it became the PT-17. The RCAF labeled it PT-27 Kaydet with Kaydet becoming the universally accepted name.

 WWII USN training aircraft such as the Stearman didn't have radios so when weather conditions began to deteriorate or an emergency situation existed a brightly coloured aircraft would be sent to the various training areas. When the pilots saw these unique paint schemes it meant one thing; return to base ASAP. These specially marked aircraft were referred to as Recall aircraft or in some cases Recovery aircraft.
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