Hobby Master HA7908 Boeing F4B-3 BuNo. A8911, Command Plane H.Q., US Marines, Washington, NAS Anacostia, 1930s 1/48

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In the early 1930s Boeing developed a series of biplanes designated the F4B for the US Navy and US Marine Corps but was a P-12 for the US Army Air Corps. The aircraft were first accepted in 1929 and served as the primary fighter. The P-12 was built in 6 successful variants while the F4B had 4. The P-12 was replaced by the Boeing P-26 in 1934-35 but the F4B carried on with operational duties until the Grumman F2F/F3F series completely replaced them in 1938.

 Boeing F4B-3 BuNo. A8911 was the last in a contract of 20 aircraft and given c/n 1615. It was delivered to the U.S. Navy and last served on board the USS Saratoga with VF-1B in 1932 before being transferred to the U.S. Marine Corp becoming the Head Quarters Command aircraft. This aircraft was frequently used to fly VIPs and in 1934 – 35 was used as an air show demonstrator. On February 14, 1939 this aircraft was involved in an accident with no loss of life.
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