Hobby Master HA5711 Su-35S Flanker E 9213 Egyptian Air Force August 2020 1/72

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The Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E is a highly modified and improved derivative of the Su-27. In the 1980s modifications were made to the Su-27 (Su-27M) also referred to as Su-35. About 20 years later a heavily modified member of the Flanker family was produced and given the title of Su-35S Flanker E. Considered by many to be the most capable fourth generation fighter in the sky and equipped with many fifth generation technologies. This probably will be the last of the Flanker family when the fifth generation Russian aircraft arrive.

Egypt became the first air force in the region and the second country behind China to sign a contract for the Su-35. Both countries had contracted 24 aircraft each. The first delivery of the 24 Egyptian aircraft was planned for 2020 and completed by 2023. In July 2022 five Su-35s, believed to be built for Egypt were seen at the Sukhoi Aircraft Company in Novosibirsk. The Americans warned Egypt of possible sanctions if the purchase of any Russian aircraft was completed. 9213 was still flying in Russia without any national marking in 2021.
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