Hobby Master HA5502 Curtiss P-40N flown by Chiao Wu O, 29th FS/5th FG, Chinese Air Force, China 1944 1/72

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The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk first flew in 1938 as a modification of the Curtiss P-36 Hawk. Warhawk was the official U.S. designation while the name Tomahawk was used by the British Commonwealth and Soviet forces for the P-40B and C and Kittyhawk for P-40Ds and later variants. The P-40 was first used by British squadrons in North Africa and the Middle East in 1941. The P-40 lacked a two-speed supercharger making them inferior to German aircraft but was an adequate fighter in low altitude combat zones. Almost 12,000 P-40s were produced.

AKA known as Fred Wu-O Chiao he joined the Chinese Air Force in 1936 and was selected by Claire Chennault to complete flight training. In 1940 he was flight leader of 32nd Squadron, 3rd FG later transferring to the 29th Squadron, 5th FG with the Chinese-American Composite Wing in July 1943. He destroyed four airborne Oscars and numerous ground aircraft. On January 20, 1944 he was shot down and spent the rest of WWII recuperating. In 1966 he retired from the Republic of China Air Force as a Major General.
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