Hobby Master HA5217 Grumman F-14A Tomcat Anna 162608, VF-41, USS Enterprise, 2001 1/72

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The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a twin-engine, variable sweep wings capable of supersonic flight. The aircraft is crewed by a Pilot and a Radar Intercept Officer who share the tasks of navigation, Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force only. The name "Tomcat" is said to come from the call-sign used by Vice Admiral Thomas Connolly which conformed to the USN tradition of giving Grumman aircraft feline names.

In 2001 VF-41 "Black Aces" made their final F-14 carrier deployment in 2001 before transitioning to the F/A-18E. To mark this occasion each aircraft aircraft had "Last Tomcat Cruise 1976-2001" printed on the vertical stabilizers, "First to Strike" on the port side leading edge and "First to Fight" on the starboard leading edge. A Maintenance Master Chief had named each aircraft after eleven of his girlfriends so it was decided to paint a name on the starboard side of each aircraft"s radome. The CAG"s aircraft BuNo 162608 received "Anna".
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