Hobby Master HA5109 F/A-18E Super Hornet 166957, VX-9 Vampires, 2018 1/72

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The McDonnell Douglas Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet is a twin-engine multi-role carrier-based aircraft. The “E” variant is single-seater while the “F” variant is a tandem-seat configuration. The “E” is a much larger, more advanced and more capable variant of the F/A-18C. The Super variant can carry a larger array of weapons as well as more of them and is capable of returning to the carrier while still carrying unspent munitions, a big savings in dollars. The first F/A-18E flight was in 1995 and began delivery to the USN in 1999.

F/A-18E Super Hornet 166957 c/n E199 code XE-111 is assigned to VX-9 “Vampires of the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) located at China Lake California. China Lake encompasses 1.1 million miles of the upper Mojave Desert which offers plenty of space to test and evaluate weapons and their various systems used by the USN Aviation Fleet. F/A-18E 166957 belongs to the C/O of VX-9 and has large Vampire Bats on the black tails and white stars on the black spine.
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