Hobby Master HA3904 Japan T-4 Trainer Red Dolphin 26-5808, 32ndTSQ, JASDF, Hamamatsu A.B 1/72

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The Kawasaki T-4 is a subsonic intermediate jet trainer used by the JASDF. In November 1981 Kawasaki was awarded the contract to produce 220 T-4s with the actual final production number being 212. The aircraft was designed to replace the Lockheed T-33 and Fuji T-1. The first prototype flew on July 29, 1985 with the first production aircraft flying in June 1988 and delivery of the first T-4 to the 31st and 32nd Flying Training Squadrons, 1st Air Wing 3 months later.

The Japan T-4 Trainer 26-5808 was built in 2002 c/n 1208 is assigned to the 32nd TSQ (Training Squadron / 1st Air Wing) at JASDF Hamamatsu AB. First established in 1925 Hamamatsu became a flight training school in 1952. Japan has two Training squadrons located at Hamamatsu, the 31st named Blue Dolphin and the 32nd named Red Dolphin. The dolphin is a reference to a mythical dolphin like creature called Shachihoko so these squadrons have adopted it as part of their emblem and squadron names.’
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