Hobby Master HA3881 F-16AM 66th Anniversary of Danish AF 87-0008 Eskadrille 727 2016 1/72

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The F-16 Fighting Falcon was produced by General Dynamics who became Lockheed who then merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin. The F-16 entered service in January 1979 as a multi-role jet fighter that evolved into an all-weather multi-role aircraft capable of sustaining 9-g turns. The F-16 is relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain so the U.S. and 25 other countries added it to their inventory. The Fighting Falcon is referred to by its pilots as the “Viper” and will remain in USAF service until 2025.

In 2016 F-16AM E-0008 was given a special paint scheme on the tail to mark the “66th Anniversary of the Royal Danish Air Force”. The aircraft began construction in 1987 as 87-0008 U.S. serial and delivered to the RDAF in April 1989 with serial E-0008. Esk (Eskadrille) 727 located at Skrydstrup; was the first Danish squadron to receive the F-16. Being the first meant Esk 727 would become the training squadron. When Esk 730 also completed transitioning to the F-16 Esk 727 duties for training were given to Esk 723.
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