Hobby Master HA19028 F-4E "Gunsmoke '89 Competition" 74-1040 "TX", ,704 TFS, Nellis AB, 1989 1/72

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The F-4E variant was an improved version of the C/D with an elongated nose and compact radar. These two things made it possible to install a 20mm M61A1 6 barrel 640 round Vulcan gun pod in the nose. The F-4E was the most produced variant with 1387 aircraft being made over its 12 year production period. The “E” also equipped more air forces than any other variant of the Phantom II.

The “Gunsmoke” competition is designed to show the skills of USAF air and ground crews in an air-to-ground mission. This is a test of how fast, safe and accurately air and ground crews can load and turn around an aircraft so it can resume air operations. There were 16 teams involved in the competition that took place at Nellis AFB, Nevada between September 29, 1989 and October 16, 1989. Representing the 704th TFS/ 924th TGF AFRES from Bergstrom AFB, Texas was F-4E 74-1040. In 2006 74-1040 was destroyed in a missile test.
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