Hobby Master HA19010 McDonnell Douglas F-4G Wild Weasel 69-0291, 90th TFS, 1990 Desert Storm 1/72

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The F-4G Phantom II first flew December 6, 1975 and entered service as the replacement for the F-105G. There was 116 F-4Es converted to the ā€œGā€ variant which inherited most of the ā€œEā€ features plus numerous additions. The F-4G was the last Phantom II model in active USAF duty when it was retired in 1995 ending over 30 years of service with the branch of the U.S. Military. The F-4G was replaced by the newer F-16C Fighting Falcon equipped with HARM and HARM targeting pods.

The 90th TFS began in 1917 as the 90th Aero Squadron. Between 1977 and 1991 the 90th TFS flew F-4Gs based at Clark AFB, Philippines. On August 19, 1972 F-4G 69-0291 shot down a MiG-21 over North Vietnam. In May 1991 they were reassigned to the 21st TFW at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska with F-15E Eagles. In September 1991 the 90th TFS became the 90th FS. F-4G 69-0291 was delivered in 1970 and served with approximately 16 units until 1990 when it became a gate guard at Osan AB, South Korea.
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