Hobby Master HA1045 Lockheed F-104S ASA-M Starfighter MM6934/9-31, 10° Gruppo/9° Stormo Grazzanise AB, October 2004 1/72

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Italy and Lockheed developed an improved F-104G, the F-104S (Super). The new variant had an advanced weapons system for AIM-7 missiles, deleted M61 cannon, new engine, stronger airframe, 2 additional ventral fins and 2 additional under wing pylons for AIM-7 missiles. The “S” variant was updated twice, the “ASA” (Aggiornamento Sistema d’Armi – meaning Weapon System Update) look-down/shoot-down air-superiority fighter) and the “ASA-M” (Aggiornamento Sistema d’Arma-Modificato, Weapon System Update-Modified). By 1984 electronic miniaturization allowed the ASA update that meant 2/3s of the 205-plane fleet had the M61 cannon re-installed, new navigation systems, avionics and missiles.

F-104S Starfighter MM6934 was delivered to the Italian Air Force in September 1978 and assigned to the 36th Wing. In June 1984 MM6934 was assigned to 5 ° Stormo as 5-37. In April 2000 the aircraft was converted into an ASA-M and after several more moves the aircraft was assigned to 10° Gruppo/9° Stormo on November 11, 2001. On October 11, 2004 MM6934 of 9° Stormo completed its final flight as 9-51 having flown 3,836 hours. In 2014 the aircraft became a monument located at Grazzanise.
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