Hobby Master HA0308 Grumman F6F-5 "Minis II" Commander Air Group 15, USS Essex (CV-9), 1944 1/32

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By Spring 1944 there were a total 4,403 F6F-3s built. Often referred to as the “Aluminum Tank” it was also aptly called “The Ace Maker” because of men like Vraciu and McCampbell. In Late June 1944 David McCampbell received F6F-5 Hellcat that he named Minsi II. LCDR McCampbell flew this aircraft until mid September 1944 and was unable to score one victory during those 3 months. This new aircraft turned out to be a very problematic machine and must have been built on a Monday or Friday. In early September 1944 this aircraft was traded in for the new F6F-5 McCampbell named “Minsi III”. McCampbell ended the war with a total of 34 victories.
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