Hobby Master 1/72 HA19054 F-4C Phantom II 389th TFS The Gunfighters May 1967 2009

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The F-4 Phantom II first entered US Military service in 1960. It was designed as a fleet defense fighter for the US Navy but by 1963 it was adopted as the US Air Force primary fighter-bomber. Despite the size and weight of this Cold War icon the F-4 broke 15 world records and continued to hold five of them until 1975. Produced from 1960 to 1981 there were 5,195 Phantom IIs manufactured. Eleven countries other than the USA had the Phantom II in their inventory. The Aircraft 1967 was a successful year for F-4C 64-0776. On April 23 F-105 Thunderchiefs and F-4s Phantom IIs, both carrying bombs as well as well as air-to-air missiles destroyed 8 MiGs on the ground. Some MiG-21s were able to get airborne and F-4C 64-0776; with the 366th TFW / 389th TFS “Gunfighters” shot down a MiG using an AIM-7E. On May 20 1967 six MiGs were shot down by F-4Cs with F-4C 64-0776 downing one. On May 22 1967 F-4C 64-0776 again destroyed a MiG making this aircraft a 3 time winner.
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