Hobby Master 1/72 HA1063 Lockheed F-104J "TAC Meet 1981" 46-8587, JASDF, Komatsu Air Base, 15th Nov 1981

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The JASDF (Japan Air Self Defense Force) was formed in 1954 with the F-86F. In 1959 the F-104J was chosen as the replacement aircraft and at the end of manufacturing in December 1967 Japan had received 210. These aircraft equipped seven squadrons (Hikotai) with the 207th Sq. 83rd Air Group assigned to the Southwestern Air Defense Force, Naha Airbase, Okinawa. In March 1986 the 207th who were referred to as “F-104 Brothers” were the last to retire the Starfighters for the F-15J. Over the years 15% of the F-104s were lost to accidents. Mitsubishi built F-104J c/n 683B-3087, model 683-07-14 was given the JASDF serial 26-8587 and was delivered on April 30, 1964 to the 201st Hikotai In 1970 it was transferred to the 202nd Hikotai (Squadron) / 5th Kokudan (Wing). In November of 1980 and 1981 46-8587 (587) represented the squadron at the ACM meeting, similar to the NATO Tiger Meet. In 1982 the 202nd and 204th squadrons of the 5th Kokudan shared the aircraft. In 1982 the 202nd squadron began to convert to the F-15 so in December 587 was withdrawn from service and eventually scrapped.
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