Hobby Master 1/72 HA0176 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless flown by CDR Howard Young, Commander Enterprise Air Group, 1942

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Designed as a light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, various versions of the Dauntless served during WWII with the US Marine Corps, Army and Navy. The Douglas Dauntless was the workhorse of the US Navy in the Pacific. The Dauntless dive-bomber was the only plane to fight in every major Pacific engagement and because of the battles and the courage of the men that flew them, this plane became one of the most successful designs of WWII with 5,936 having been built in all versions.

Howard Young’s first encounter with the Japanese was on December 7, 1941 when U.S. aircraft returning from Wake Island met the Japanese attackers at Pearl Harbor. In February 1942, under Young’s command, Air Group Six made the first attack on Japanese held territory. Young took part in raids on the Marshall and Gilbert Islands and later the Marcus and Wake Islands. His actions of leading two successful raids on February 1, 1942 earned Young the DFC. In April 1942 he was promoted to Carrier Air Group Commander.
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