Heller 49033 Suffren French Lance Missile Frigate Kit 1/1200

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Designed specifically for the safe protection of Clemenceau and Foch aircraft carrier, frigates Suffren and Duquesne were the first 100% French warships antiaircraft missile design. They were also outfitted for anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare and could provide additional firepower for ground targets. Laid down in Lorient in December 1962. "Suffren" was in service on 20 July 1968. Initially, the Suffren is assigned to the Atlantic Squadron and is based in Brest with the group of carriers. Suffren participated in numerous exercises before taking part in 1975 in the Thetis mission that will bring in the Persian Gulf after the tour of Africa. To its disarmament in 2001, Suffren through all seas, including ensuring more presence missions in the Indian Ocean. Based in Brest until 1975, he rallied Toulon to integrate Wing Mediterranean. For over 25 years, it will be the most "major operations" in Lebanon to the former Yugoslavia. During its operational career, Le Suffren undergone many improvements such as installing MM 38 Exocet anti-ship missiles, upgrade the radar installation decoy launchers, or modernization of Masurca ... New equipment were installed over the evolving threats. The Malafon totally obsolete, landed in 1998.
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