Gelsoft 1/1 GS-EAGLE-GOLD Golden Eagle Pistol

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GelSoft is all about having fun and the GelSoft Eagle pistol delivers just that allowing you to get in on the action whether your plinking or having a skirmish shoot out. The GelSoft Eagle pistol shoots soft gel ammunition accurately up to 20 meters – the ammo contains mainly water making it fully biodegradable and great for the environment. On impact, the ammo bursts or simply bounces off the target.

The GelSoft Eagle has a lightweight polymer body with a hand large grip that's great for single or double-handed use. The mock silencer screws to the front of the barrel and the laser sight/torch is mounted on the lower RIS rail which also provides access to the battery compartment.

The Eagle has a fully automatic firing mode but can also fire a single round with a press and release of the trigger. Ammo is loaded into the mock telescope, fillport hopper, which is situated on the top of the pistol; the ammo loads automatically and fires up to four rounds per second on fully automatic mode.
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