Gecko Models 35GM0070 British K2/Ys Ambulance Katy and The Princess Kit 1/35

MRP £45.99
Warehouse: 2
Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 2, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
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Kit Features

  • Accurate Trakgrip general purpose tyres
  • Three different headlight types (with blackout masks as appropriate)
  • Optional furled and unfurled cab side curtains with replicated acetate plastic side windows
  • 6 stretchers (4 plus 2 folded)
  • 4 folded blankets and 4 correct British Army pattern stretcher pillows
  • Optional standard and extended exhaust pipes
  • Optional early (w/o sling rings) and late (w/ sling rings) wheel hubs
  • Optional roof ventilators
  • Optional wing mirrors
  • Driver figure (including rifle for RASC drivers)
  • Optional high/low stretcher/seat configurations for rear bay
  • Optional folded internal curtains
  • Optional jerrican/2 gallon can carriers
  • Optional early fabricated and late pressed steel spare wheel cover panels
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