FTX FTX5578B Outback Fury 4x4 RTR Trail Crawler Rc Car Black 1/10

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Features a new revised gearbox design with metal gears features reverse drive design to reduce torque twist by having driveshafts drive in opposite directions. Improved geometry now features more camber and steering angle for better turning and stability, along with CVA universal front driveshafts. An Etronix 15kg metal geared servo and horn now take on the heavy steering. 6mm steel links feature increased bend angle for better clearance over rocks and new aluminium axle link mounting point addsstrength. Improved scale looking front and rear bumpers with tow hooks. Angel eye LED headlights now adorn the front moulded grill which sets off the Fury cab pick up body with moulded roof rack and cage. With new Fastrax Gator tyres and wheels ready to take on all surfaces, the Fury 2.0 is sure to continue the Fury legacy.
Have a question about this product? Let us know