FTX FTX5532 Vantage 4WD RTR Buggy Brushless Motor 1/10

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Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 1
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Etronix provide crystal free 2.4ghz control with the EX2 Sport radio. In addition the Etronix Photon sensorless brushless system is installed to provide some low maintenance, high performance speed and power. A Full spares back up is available and held by our suppliers

Instead of using a NiMh battery, FTX decided to include a Voltz hardcase LiPo battery to get the very best from the Photon system, but with safety in-mind, included is a balance charger and LiPo charge sack. Infact all you need to add is AA batteries for the transmitter.

The 4wd shaft drivetrain features metal diff gears and front universal driveshafts, while an integrated slipper helps protect the drive from possible damage. With adjustable turnbuckles all round and large bore oil filled shock absorbers the Vantage is raring to go.

In addition if you want to tune and upgrade your Vantage, FTX provide a wide range of carbon and aluminium upgrades that will bring your ride up to a whole new pro level.


  • Ready to run
  • Etronix 2.4ghz radio
  • Etronix 45Amp Photon sensorless brushless speed control
  • Etronix 2950KV sensorless brushless motor
  • Etronix Pocket Balance charger
  • Voltz 3250mah 7.4v 25c LiPo Hard cased battery
  • Voltz LiPo charge sack
  • Race designed low profile pre-painted
  • bodyshell
  • Moulded tub chassis
  • 4wd shaft drive with slipper system
  • Unique gearbox design for low CG
  • Lightweight high impact arms
  • Big bore oil filled adjustable shocks
  • Gearbox metal crown & pinion gear
  • Front universal driveshafts
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Fully adjustable suspension including,droop, camber, toe-in, wheelbase etc
  • Slipper for drivetrain damage protection
  • Chassis accepts NiMh or LiPo battery
  • 3kg steering servo with heatsink
  • Wide range of option parts available


  • Length: 415mm
  • Width: 255mm
  • Height: 142mm
  • Wheelbase: 275/280mm
  • Tyre: ø 88 x 39mm (rear) ø 88 x 34mm )front)
  • Gear Ratio: 8.3:1
  • Weight: 1650g


FTX5532 Declaration of Conformity

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