Estes ES1756 Alpha School/Bulk Pack (12 Rockets)

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With a rocket this well known you’re bound to get compliments from fellow rocketeers on choosing such a thoroughbred. The Alpha is a classic Skill Level 1 kit that includes a one piece body tube, laser cut wood fins and an aerodynamic nose cone that completes the sleek look.

Building this speed machine takes about an afternoon and flying is just as easy and enjoyable as the building! When powered with a C size motor, this rocket can reach cloud topping altitudes of 1,000 feet! Recovery is accomplished with a colourful 30.5cm preassembled parachute.

Its suggested colour scheme and classy red, white and blue decals are classic as you can get! Get an Alpha and start flying today!

Alpha requires a launch system; (launch controller and launch pad), rocket motors, igniters and recovery wadding to operate.

Recommended Motor: 1/2A6-2, A8-3 (First Flight), A8-5, B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7
Projected Altitude (feet): 1,000
Diameter (mm): 25
Length (mm): 312
Weight (g): 23
Fins: Laser Cut Balsa
Recovery Method: 30.5cm Parachute
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