Dapol O Gauge 7L-001-101 GWR Twin Disc Ground Signal

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  • Working lights   
  • Rotating disks          
  • Uses Dapol's Servo control system         
  • Superbly detailed super structure  
  • Switches included
These circular auxiliary signals were provided to allow a signalman to authorise a shunting move, ie a movement which would not be entering the 'section' to the next signal box. They are usually known as ground signals as they were usually mounted at ground level, but disc signals could also be found mounted low on the post of a full signal to authorise a driver to pass the signal at danger for a shunt move, or to enter a platform already occupied by a train on the understanding that the line ahead is NOT clear.
The most common use of ground signals is at the entry to and exit from yards and sidings where any train movement passes to or from the running lines. The ground signals are locked in the signal box lever frame, just as full signals would be, so can only be cleared when the correct route is set. Thus the signalman can easily indicate to a locomotive driver when is it safe for him to pass the signal.

Note - Ground disc signals were not used for the signalling of passenger trains, regulations required a full signal to be installed. There are a few exceptions for locations where the signal arm would itself be a hazard, for example where one long platform was split into two platforms for operational purposes. Canopy mounted discs are still in operation at Worcester Shrub Hill.
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