Dapol 7S-024-004 BR 6439 Auto-Fitted 0-6-0 Pannier Tank BR Lined Green Late Crest O gauge

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These models will have identical specification as the previous Lionheart versions and will feature:

Die cast chassis, footplate, boiler and Firebox
Powerful 5 pole motor
Exquisitely detailed body with many added detailed parts
Sprung buffers
Expertly applied livery
DCC Ready with a 21 pin decoder socket
Sound and DCC Versions offered

The GWR 64xx class locomotives were built in the mid-1930s to provide a more powerful locomotive type for working auto trains. Whereas the 4-coupled tank engines of the 517 and metro types could manage 2 trailer 'auto coaches' the new panniers were intended to work with up to 4 trailers. As only two coaches could be coupled to either end of the locomotive due to the stiffness of the mechanical linkages 3 and 4 car formations were worked in 'sandwich' mode with locomotive in the centre of the train.
A sub-type numbered in the 74xx series were also built without the auto train apparatus for service on branch lines where conventional passenger coaches were used, many of them working scenic routes across mid and west Wales.

The last built of the 64xx class 6439 entered service at Newport Ebbw Junction shed in April 1937 and made very few moves through its' life, with just a move to Llantrisant from September 1952 to August 1954.
Routes worked by 6439 included the Wye Valley line, worked by the Ebbw Junction 64xx engines from Severn Tunnel Junction to Monmouth Troy where trains connected with services from Ross-on-Wye. A photo of 6439 at Monmouth Troy can be fond on wikipedia at wiki/Monmouth Troy railway station.
Locomotive 6439 was withdrawn from service at Ebbw Junction shed in August 1962.
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