Dapol 7S-006-002 GWR 4871 48xx/14xx Class 0-4-2T Auto Fitted GWR Green Shirtbutton Logo O Gauge

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Number 4871 was completed in April 1936, finished with the shirtbutton monogram logo introduced during 1934. Sent to Llantrisant shed in south Wales 4871 did not leave the sheds allocation, except for works visits, until a move to Exeter in 1958.

Dapols 48xx/14xx/58xx class 0-4-2 tank models feature -

  • Die-cast running plate for added weight
  • Fully compensated die-cast chassis
  • Die-cast and finescale profiled wheels
  • High level of separately applied detail
  • Flickering fire light effect
  • Removable cab roof for ease of posing your locomotive crew
  • Sprung metal buffers and articulated screw coupling
  • Dapols proven motor and gearbox offering exceptional smooth performance and slow running capabilities
  • DCC Ready incorporating Dapols new 'Quick-fit' DCC and speaker design

The GWR 48xx class 0-4-2T tank locomotives were designed specifically for working with one or two trailer coaches in push-pull or 'auto train' service. The driving cab of the trailer or 'autocoach' was equipped with a regulator control connected to the engine, eliminating the need for the locomotive to run round at the end of the journey. A single autocoach combined with a 48xx engine provided passenger services along many minor and branch lines, sometimes with an extra wagon or milk tank attached for the journey. Being fitted with 5ft2in wheels these engines were quite capable of operating local stopping services on mainline routes, one of the last being the Gloucester to Chalford auto which frequently raced LMS trains on the approach to Gloucester.

While the 48xx design is attributed to C B Collett the locomotives were a modernised version of the Armstrong 517 class (built 1868-85) which had proven successful on the same duties. By the 1930s the 517s were nearing the end of their working lives and a total of 75 of the auto fitted 48xx class engines were built 1932-36. A further 20 non-auto engines numbered in the 58xx series were built concurrently for lines where auto working was not in use, regularly hauling the last of the 4 wheel coaches. Later a two-coach B set or a single bogie coach, usually a brake composite was provided.

Soon after WW2 the 48xx class engines were renumbered into the 14xx series, the 48xx numbers being used for 28xx/38xx class 2-8-0s converted to oil firing. The new numbers were retained through British Railways ownership and the class is possibly best known as the '14s'. Four examples are preserved, with 1466 being the first engine purchased by the schoolboy founders of the Great Western Society and housed today at preserved Didcot shed.

The Dapol 48xx/14xx and autocoach combination or 58xx and suburban coach or B-set will provide a suitable passenger train for any GWR based layout.
Auto trailer coaches and 2-coach B set packs are also available from the Dapol O gauge range.

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