Dapol 7S-005-002 Sentinel BR 39 4-wheel Vertical Boiler Locomotive Black Early Emblem O Gauge

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The LNER built up a fleet of 56 Sentinel locomotives forming classes Y1 single gear ratio shunting engines and Y3 with 2-speed gearboxes, low gear for shunting and high gear for travelling along running lines. The locomotives could be found all over the LNER network from London to Hawick and Lowestoft to Wrexham and Ayr, Duties were usually shunting in smaller goods yards, along dock quaysides and in engineers depots. The two-speed locos could also be found on main and branch lines, running station to station with short pickup-goods trains.

68163 was based at Tyne Dock (Newcastle) shed in 1948, later working from Hull  Dairycotes shed until withdrawn from service in 1958. Previously this engine had worked at the Peterborough engineers depot as LNER departmental No.8.

Sentinel Specification.

  • 3 body types
  • 2 chassis options
  • Heavyweight Diecast chassis
  • All wheel drive (Single motor)
  • All wheel pickup
  • Separate detail parts
  • In-line brake shoes
  • Sprung buffers
  • 3-link coupling chain and hook
  • Option to fit Dapol coupling pocket
  • Representation of chain drive to axles.
  • Turned & blackened wheels to O gauge standard
  • Firebox flicker
  • DCC 21 pin decoder socket
  • Provision for speaker
  • ‘Positionable’ door
  • Fine standard of separate detail parts.
  • Whistle options
  • Etched detail
  • bodyside grills
  • chimney detail
  • Lamp brackets
  • Large amount of interior detail.
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