Dapol 7F-061-008 BR Bogie Bolster E B924368 Bauxite Livery O Gauge

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Two lots of these short-length bogie bolster wagons were built in 1961-2, totally 1,200 wagons to diagram 1/479 with modern David and Lloyd bogies and vacuum train brakes. These were the shortest length bogie bolster wagons at 32 feet over headstocks, designed for steel traffic. The short length allowed a higher load capacity per wagon and more axles under longer loads spread across several wagons. Although built as revenue traffic wagons carrying lengths of rolled steel sections and strip coils the type was also popular with the engineering departments for carrying pointwork and welded rail.

During the 1970s BR introduced more air braked wagons, including heavily braced bogie wagons for steel traffic with higher load capacities and the Bogie Bolster Es became redundant. They were quickly adopted by the engineering departments, many unaltered as rail carriers, while others had a vast range of adaptions for cable drums, generators and one at least with a 1-plank body for carrying concrete troughs.
The most numerous adaption was the fitting of a low-sided body converting the bolster wagon into a bogie ballast wagon, coded TURBOT.

General Specification:

Minimum 2nd radius curve
Plastic body and underframe detail
Diecast chassis
Bogies made from separate metal parts
Spring buffers
Pin-point axles
O Gauge society Standard wheel profile

Body specification:

Fully detailed body / deck
Movable / posable bolsters fitted
Movable / posable stanchions supplied in detail bag
Separately fitted metal tie down rings
Finely moulded and etched stainless steel detail where applicable
Separate handrails, end steps and lamp brackets.
Highly detailed underframe with correct profiled bracing
Highly detailed bogies made from separate metal parts
All buffer beam accessories fitted
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