Dapol 7F-056-017 BR B764483 Diagram 1/213 12-Ton Plywood Sided Ventilated Box Van RTR O Gauge

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British Railways standard design of box van could be built in several forms, the standard ventilated vans could have planked of plywood sheathing fitted to the standard side framework. Separate diagram numbers were issued to try to identify which construction method was used, diagram book one having page 208 allocated for planked vans and 213 for plywood sided vans.
This model replicates the plywood sided version with two-section corrugated ends.

Dapol are producing a range of BR standard design wagons using the standard 10-foot wheelbase 17ft6in length underframe. Many thousands of wagons were built using this frame in the 1950s and 60s, these wagons serving British Rail into the 1980s and still a familiar sight on heritage railways today.
A diecast chassis has been produced, providing plenty of weight for open wagons and any flat wagons which might be produced and are fitted with spring buffers and coupling hook with Instanter 3-link couplings.
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