Dapol 7F-043-012 EWS Turbot Bogie Ballast Wagon EWS Maroon DB978101 O Gauge

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During the 1970s the short-length Bogie Bolster E wagons were being displaced from their designed steel traffic flows by newer air braked wagons. These wagons had been built in the 1960s and with a 30 ton load capacity, a modern type of bogie and vacuum train brakes the engineering departments adapted them for a number of uses, allowing older unfitted and 4-wheel wagons to be withdrawn.
The best known re-purposing for the Bogie Bolster E was the 1,000 wagons equipped with low-side three-section drop doors and fixed ends for use as ballast wagons.

Constructed between 1982 and 1988 these wagons were given the engineering 'fishkind' code TURBOT, with many being released for service in the new grey with yellow stripe 'Dutch' livery. Trains of these wagons worked with ballast cleaning machines, being loaded with the dirty ballast and end extensions were added to partially cover the gaps between wagons. Turbots found many other uses as well, carrying the wide range of parts, materials and plant needed for construction and maintenance projects.
Following privatisation the fleet passed to EWS and many were stored as new track engineering wagons designs were delivered. However EWS gained contracts for moving large boulders for rock armour sea defence projects and Turbots were used to carry these loads, partially as they were now considered expendable! The wagons quickly acquired their own modifications in the form of wood sleeper baulks fastened to the sides and ends to prevent them from becoming too damaged too fast!
Withdrawn Turbots have found new owners with London Underground and several heritage railways, still serving as permanent way engineers ballast wagons and material carriers.

General Specification:

Minimum 2nd radius curve
Plastic body and underframe detail
Diecast chassis
Bogies made from separate metal parts
Spring buffers
Pin-point axles
O Gauge Society Standard wheel profile

Body Specification:

Fully detailed body with separately moulded side doors and stanchions (to allow ease of kit bashing!)
Interior floor, door and stanchion details
Door ‘balance’ spring and arm detailing
Finely moulded and etched stainless steel detail where applicable
Separate handrails, end steps and lamp brackets.
Highly detailed underframe with correct profiled bracing
Highly detailed bogies made from separate metal parts
All buffer beam accessories fitted

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